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Sanctuary By Beverly Barton (Raintree Part 3)

Back cover synopsis:

      For Mercy Raintree, war with the evil Ansara clan means she must assume her position as guardian of the Sanctuary--the sacred Raintree home deep in the Smoky Mountains.  But doing so threatens to disclose her most precious secret.  Dranir Judah Ansara wants to kill Mercy, personally.  Then he comes face-to-face with her--and with her daughter, Eve.  Will Mercy's closely guarded secret change not only the outcome of the battle. . . but also Judah's own bitter heart?

Ok, so here is the last of the Raintree trilogy.  This one follows the last of the Raintree's royal family, Mercy Raintree and her daughter Eve. 

Mercy is the most powerful empath and psychic healer in the world, so naturally she is the guardian of the Raintree home place, Sanctuary, and has been so for many years.  She loves her job because she gets to help her people and keep her daughter safe at the same time.  But Mercy has a mark on her head that even she doesn't know about.  Cael Ansara has a plan to take out the royal family and claim the homeplace as his own and rule the world. 

When Judah Ansara, the Ansara Dranir (king) finds out what his evil half brother, Cael, has planned for the Raintree, he is forced into action to save Mercy, who has been claimed as his kill in the coming battle.  He takes off to North Carolina after his half brothers hired assassin to save her.

Mercy is called late one night that there was an accident near Sanctuary and that she is the only one who can get there and possible save the people involved.  She leaves the safety of the fortress to help and is attacked when she is healing the survivor of the accident.  Judah runs up behind the attacker and kills him before her can kill Mercy.  Worn out by her ordeal with the healing and the attempt on her life, Mercy passes out and Judah is left to take care of her.

Judah takes Mercy home to heal.  As he is leaving, Eve, who is Mercy's daughter, runs out in the hall to stop him.  Amused by the brave child, he decides to stop and talk to her.

     "Do you know who I am?" he asked, his curiosity piqued by the child's precocious nature.  He sensed an unnatural strength in her. . . and a kinship that wasn't possible.

     She nodded again, her smile widening.  "Yes, I know."

     The child could not possibly know who he was.  He kept his true identity protected from all who were not Ansara.  "If you know who I am, what is my name?"

     "I don't know your name," she admitted.

     Judah sighed inwardly, relieved that he had overestimated the child's abilities and had been mistaken about the momentary sense of a familial bond.  Oddly drawn to the little girl, he approached her, knelt on his haunches so that they were face-to-face and said, "My name is Judah."

     She held out her little hand.

     He took her hand.  An electrical current shot through Judah, unlike anything he had ever experienced.  A raw, untamed power of recognition and possession.

     "Hello, Daddy.  I'm your daughter, Eve."

     An earsplitting scream shook the semi-dark bedroom as Mercy Raintree woke from her healing sleep.
Mercy has had her worst fear realized.  Her mistake all those years ago has now been revealed.  She didn't know who Judah was until that one night of passion long ago when she conceived his child.  At that moment she found out that he was the dreaded Ansara and disappeared back home and kept Eve's father a secret until now. 

Both Judah and Mercy are rocked with conflicting emotions.  Judah has swore to hate the Raintree, but how can he battle the mother of his child without making his child hate him.  Plus he has the added secret to hide from everyone that he is the Ansara Dranir.  Mercy is still in love with Judah and is petrified that Judah will take Eve from her.

All of this is is topped with the fact that Cael is now aware of Eve's existence and has vowed to kill the child.  Judah and Mercy decided that the best way to protect Eve is to team together against this lunatic, but had no idea the emotions that would resurface because of it.

     "Leave me!" Judah shot up off the boulder, hell's fury in his eye's.  "I don't want you."  As he came toward her, he pinned her to the spot, and she didn't try to break through the invisible bonds that kept her from moving.  "I don't need you.  Damn you, Mercy Raintree!"

     Judah grabbed her shoulders and shook her as frustration and anger and passion drove him hard.  She felt what he felt and realized that he hated her for making him care.

     "My poor Judah."

     He clutched her face between his open palms and ravaged her with a possessive kiss.  Swept up by the passion neither of them could deny, Mercy surrendered herself.  Heart. Mind.  Body.
    And soul.

How will this love last with the upcoming war that is inevitable because of Cael.  How will Mercy's people react to the fact that her daughter is half Ansara.  This and more will be revealed in this phenomenal conclusion of Raintree. 

I loved this book and think its my favorite among the three.  I was both happy and sad when I was done because the story was great but I wasn't ready for it to end and not have any more books to read to take me into this fascinating world.  With that being said,  all that's left to say is, Enjoy!!

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