Monday, July 11, 2011

Haunted By Linda Winstead Jones (Raintree Part 2)

Back cover synopsis:

     Homicide detective Gideon Raintree can harness electricity and talk to ghosts.  To solve his newest case--a relentless serial killer unleashed by the dark Ansara wizards--he will need to wield gifts he's kept hidden. With evil lurking at every turn, Gideon and his alluring new partner, Hope Mallory, are in a race against time to save their love, their family. . . and their newly conceived child.

Sorry this review took a little while to post because, as I said before, I'm rereading them to brush up on the good parts.  This one took a little longer to read because: 1. The book was longer and 2. I had to stop mid book to go to work (what a drag, I know, lol)  But here it is without further ado, Hunted.....

Gideon Raintree is the only homicide detective in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Not that he needs help because Gideon's record speaks for it's self.  He has solved all but one homicide he has ever worked on.  That's not just because he is a good detective, which he is, but because he is a Raintree and that gives him an edge that most detectives don't have. . . He can talk to ghosts. . . However that's not the only ability that he was gifted with being of the royal family.  Gideon can also control electricity, ie: lightning.

When Gideon gets a call from his cousin, Echo, its usually to talk about a premonition she had of a disaster and to calm her down.  This time it was to tell him that her room mate had been murdered.  Gideon get to the scene and and proceeds with looking for clues and to talk to the dead girls ghost when all of the sudden, his new partner walks in, Hope Mallory.

Hope just transferred to town to be with her mother and is new to the department.  She has done her homework on her new partner and knows every detail of his file, but is totally caught off guard when she meets Gideon face to face.  Determined to show that she can handle her new position and that she is just one of the guys, she refuses to take orders and run from this man who is bent on making her transfer departments and prove she can be a great partner to him. 

When Gideon starts acting weird, she assumes that Gideon is a crooked cop and is going to prove it one way or another.  Even if she is wrong and he is not crooked, he was hiding something from her and she has to know what it is.

Gideon has enough of his own problems to deal with right now like the coming summer solstice, a new murder, trying to make sure the Raintree hierarchy is carried on by his brother Dante (the Raintree Dranir or king) and not him and a pesky spirit named Emma that keeps appearing to him and telling him that she is his daughter and she is coming soon in a moonbeam.  Top all that off with a new partner that is to nosy and stubborn for her own good and you have Its a Wonderful Life ( yeah right, lol). 

Gideon is determined to get this woman out of his life.  Not only is she a distraction, and shes a big one because he is so attracted to her, but he cant do his job because she is always there and exposing who he is and what he can do is not on the top of his to do list.  But when Emma appears and tries to push Hope out of the way of a bullet, he realizes two things.  1:  Someone out there wants one or both of them dead and it has to do with this resent murder and 2:  There is more that just an attraction going on between Hope and himself, something that goes way deeper.

Hope is struggling to come to turns with the weirdness of her partner when her life is suddenly put into jeopardy.  In an effort to keep her family safe with a lunatic out there hunting her or possible Gideon, she has no other option than to move in with him for the time being.  While there, they can not resist the physical attraction between them and start something that neither one of them is prepared for, least of all Gideon.

     "Two nights together, and I wake up because you're not where you're supposed to be," he responded with a touch of displeasure in his voice.

This isn't easy for Hope to deal with either,  she has learned her partners secrets and they are not ANY THING that she expected.  Now she was living with him for safety and starting to develop feelings beyond what partners should have for one another and isn't sure what that means for her or her heart.

     She hadn't thought herself in love for a very long time.  Her mother, her sister, her nephews, that kind of love was all she dared to believe in.  Romantic love was filled with pitfalls.  She not only didn't wish for that emotion, she did her best to avoid it.  Love was a trap, heartache just waiting to happen.  This unexpected rush of emotions she felt for Gideon right now, while he held her and filled her and brought her closer to release, surely it was just the power of sex. 

But as he made love to her, with her back to the wall and her arms and legs wrapped completely around him, she couldn't imagine any other man but Gideon making her feel this way.  She could love him.  She could wrap her entire world around this man and change who and what she was, who she had become.  Ghosts, light shows and all, she could love him.

How will they cope when their very new love is pushed to the test by constant dangers?  Will they crumble or will they overcome together in a world that seems to be filled with monsters around ever corner?  And what of Emma, his supposed would be soon daughter, how does she fit into all of this?  You will have to read the book and find out.  I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did both times I read it.  Up next is the final book in the trilogy, Sanctuary, where the final sibling, Mercy's story begins and how her world gets turned upside down.   

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